• Fluke 179 Handheld Digital Multimeter

Description : The Fluke 179 TRMS multimeter is a full-featured, precision digital multimeter for troubleshooting and repair of electrical and electronic systems. True RMS, 10A ac Max, 10A dc Max, 1000V ac Max

Here are some key features and specifications of the Fluke 179:

  1. True RMS Measurements: This feature allows for accurate measurements, even when the waveform is irregular or distorted.

  2. Display: It comes with a large digital display and a backlight to help in low light conditions.

  3. Measurement Capabilities: The Fluke 179 can measure voltage, current (both AC and DC), resistance, capacitance, frequency, and temperature.

  4. Built-in Thermometer: This allows you to take temperature readings without needing a separate instrument.

  5. Durability: Like many Fluke instruments, the 179 is built for ruggedness and reliability, suitable for both field and lab work.

  6. Safety Ratings: It's designed with safety in mind and adheres to important safety standards.

  7. Min/Max/Average Recording: This feature helps in capturing variations automatically.

  8. Calibration: The Fluke 179 can be calibrated manually to maintain its accuracy.

The Fluke 179, along with other models in the 170 series, is often chosen by professionals for its combination of accuracy, durability, and reliability. 


179 Digital Multimeter
80BK Temperature Probe
Installed 9V battery
Test leads

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