• Fluke 726 Precision Multifunction Calibrators

Description : Precision multifunction, temp, frequency, voltage, and mA calibrator Calibrates thermocouples and RTD temperature instruments Stores up to eight calibration results in memory for analysis Built-in 24 V Loop Power Supply

Here are some key features and details about the Fluke 726:

  1. Multifunction Capabilities: As its name suggests, the 726 is not just limited to one type of calibration. It can measure and source various parameters, making it a versatile tool for many calibration tasks.

  2. Precision Calibration: The Fluke 726 is designed for high precision, ensuring accurate readings and calibrations. It boasts a high accuracy level in measuring and sourcing.

  3. Intuitive User Interface: The device features a user-friendly interface that simplifies tasks, allowing users to perform tasks like calibration more efficiently.

  4. Memory Functions: The Fluke 726 typically has memory capabilities that can store preset values, making repeated calibrations quicker and more consistent.

  5. Temperature Calibration: The device can work with RTDs and thermocouples, making it versatile for temperature calibration needs.

  6. Integrated Pressure Module: Some models or setups might be compatible with Fluke's pressure modules, adding even more flexibility to its calibration capabilities.

  7. Battery-powered: Typically, the Fluke 726 operates on batteries, making it portable and suitable for fieldwork.

  8. Rugged Design: Like many Fluke products, the 726 is built to last, with a design meant to withstand the challenges of both field and laboratory environments.

  9. Applications: Given its multifunction capabilities, the Fluke 726 is suitable for calibrating a wide range of process instruments, from pressure transmitters and temperature transducers to frequency meters.

  10. Safety Features: The device incorporates safety features to ensure the protection of the user and the instrument, especially when used in complex and high-risk environments.


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