• Fluke 714B Thermocouple Calibrator

Description : Fluke 714B is a handheld, battery-operated instrument that measures and sources a variety of thermocouple types and millivolts. It can calibrate a linear thermocouple transmitter with the mV source function and also measure mA while sourcing temperature. It also provides linear ramp and 25% step auto ramp functionality based on 0% and 100% settings for performing quick, linearity checks.

Key features and functionalities of the Fluke 714B (based on Fluke's typical offerings and standards for temperature calibrators) include:

  1. Versatile Temperature Calibration: The Fluke 714B is designed to measure and source a variety of thermocouples, making it suitable for a wide range of temperature calibration applications.

  2. Dual Inputs: Allows for simultaneous measurement and sourcing, which can be particularly useful for comparison and differential testing.

  3. Backlit Display: For easy readability in various lighting conditions.

  4. Memory Function: Some calibrators in this class can store frequently used test setups for quicker access and consistency.

  5. Simple User Interface: Typically, Fluke's calibrators are designed to be user-friendly with straightforward button layouts and intuitive menu systems.

  6. Safety Features: Such devices often come equipped with safety features to protect the user and the equipment, like over-voltage protection and warning systems.

  7. Compact and Durable Design: Designed for portability and ruggedness to withstand the demands of fieldwork.

  8. Battery-Powered: Offers portability and extended use without the need for external power sources.

  9. Automated Procedures: The ability to run automated calibration routines, which can save time and ensure consistency.

  • Highly accurate, easy-to-use thermocouple temperature calibrator
  • Measures and simulates 17 thermocouple types and millivolts
    Measures 4 to 20 mA signals while sourcing a temperature signal
    Comes with a magnetic hanger for convenient hands-free operation
    Features configurable source settings for quick linearity checks

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